Recruitment & Selection


Recruitment conducted by our company is characterized by very high effectiveness achieved by in-depth verification of a candidate, needs and capacities of employer and potential of work market.
Through proper way of finding the sources of candidates, many years of experience in methods of recruitment selection, familiarity with different branches and sensitiveness to various business circumstances of Your organization we provide you with guaranteed high quality solutions.
We put our reputation at stake that we conduct recruitment and selection processes in accordance with the law and that we keep all data about Clients and Candidates confidential.
We are also objective and reliable in our assessment, respect all participants of our processes and take care of providing the most beneficial solutions for all parties.

The scope of our recruitment & selection functions involves:

• Candidate Attraction
• Recruitment & Selection (direct search, search&select, quick search)
• Psychometric Tests
• Work Sample Tests
• Try & Hire

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Recruitment for MERAWEX

We confirm that Grupa Tempo - Personal and Organizational Consultancy from Gliwice carried out for us a recruitment for the post of Manager of newly created production department.
The process went smoothly and in accordance with the offer.
Looking back we admit that we chose the right person. The fact that this person joined our team became turning point for our department.


Witold Grabysz - President of the Board, Chief Executive