Competency Assessment


By means of tools that the most effectively support individual’s potential assessment in relation to his position or function in the organization we are able to provide you with reliable information about your potential or current employees.

In-depth conclusions of our experienced psychologists – assessors based on information coming from different sources of assessment minimize the risk of mistake and constitute a reliable base for you in such issues as employment, promotion or creating development plans or successions.

We use tools such as

• Assessment Centre
• Development Centre
• Outdoor Development Centre
• Individual Session
• Competence Tests

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Recruitment for Syntos


Grupa Tempo carried out recruitment for our Company for the posts of  Key Account Manager, Key Account Executive and Manager of Occupational Safety and Health department.
Recruitment was carried out in a complex and professional way. Grupa Tempo consultants showed great experience and commitment to the project as well as detailed knowledge about market realities.


Zbigniew Lange - Vice-President, Chief Financial Executive