According to Grupa Tempo coaching is a kind of assistance that aims at reaching goals established by the clients. Coach accompanies the client in the process of pursuing a goal, monitors client’s activities, draws his attention to significant issues that facilitate or hinder realization of established task, helps to develop specific competences that help to complete the process.

Each cooperating coach designs the process of assistance in the change and in reaching client’s goal in a specific and individual way.
Depending on client’s needs our work is based on the following aspects:

• Skills - we convey knowledge and skills thanks to which we facilitate reaching goals by our clients
• Potential – we discover dormant potential, skills and talents, we identify barriers, develop solutions that help overcome those barriers, we support team functioning, improve personal skills of functioning in defined roles and social relations.

Each coach who cooperates with us designs the process of assisting in the change and achieving client’s goals  in a way both of them  accept.

Developing relations with the client based on trust allows us to formulate properly the course of coaching process, responding to client’s needs in the best possible way.

Our coaches are highly professional and are trained to develop relationships based on trust.
This we have found enables more effective formulation of courses that respond to your needs in the most productive and efficient way.

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Recruitment for MERAWEX

We confirm that Grupa Tempo - Personal and Organizational Consultancy from Gliwice carried out for us a recruitment for the post of Manager of newly created production department.
The process went smoothly and in accordance with the offer.
Looking back we admit that we chose the right person. The fact that this person joined our team became turning point for our department.


Witold Grabysz - President of the Board, Chief Executive