Business Trainings


Years of experience made it possible for us to train in a reliable and thorough way to achieve goals and provide benefits for our clients.

We analyse values, aims, visions and missions of organizations whose employees we are to train identifying required key business competences. At the same time we recognize required training goals and actual necessities of employees through complex research on training needs.

Conclusions gathered from two areas of our activities are a good base for us to develop plans and detailed training programmes.

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Recruitment for MERAWEX

We confirm that Grupa Tempo - Personal and Organizational Consultancy from Gliwice carried out for us a recruitment for the post of Manager of newly created production department.
The process went smoothly and in accordance with the offer.
Looking back we admit that we chose the right person. The fact that this person joined our team became turning point for our department.


Witold Grabysz - President of the Board, Chief Executive