Quality Policy

We take care to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied during every stage of our services through:


Our consultants focus on identifying client’s needs.
We believe that understanding people, rules and problems is a key to finding proper solutions within HR.


We present all possible solutions to our clients and we point out advantages of the solutions as well as potential threats resulting from them.


We guarantee reliable assessment of competences and qualifications of our recruitment processes participants, assessment and development sessions and outplacements participants. We ensure that our recommendations are based on the best possible expertise as well as detailed analysis of branches, markets and organizations.


All services of TemPo Group are performed by consultants experienced in HR who act in accordance with the best knowledge and approach to client’s needs. We are up to date with new HR solutions which appear in world-wide publications.


Preceding all undertakings  is a period of  in-depth preparation by our consultants. The course of the project is constantly consulted on with our clients. We always summarize the completion of each project in our reports. After the end of our cooperation based on the contract we are still at our clients’ disposal as far as consulting areas are concerned.


Our consultants regularly deepen their knowledge on various aspects of economics. We understand each branch because the period of preparing ourselves for a project is the most important stage any cooperation. We assign only those consultants who are familiar with specific character of a given area and who have similar experience.


We work for and in the name of our client. We shape our client’s image outside and do our best to encourage all participants of a project to think of our client in a positive way.


Recruitment for Górnik Zabrze


We had the opportunity to cooperate with Grupa Tempo  realizing various recruitment processes for positions of medium and higher level, specialist positions and managerial ones (among others: Marketing Director, Financial Department Manager, Board Manager, HR Manager, Staff and Pay specialist, Independent Accountant, Sales Specialist).
Recruitment process was highly professional (...) Górnik Zabrze SSA highly recommends Grupa Tempo as reliable, punctual and professional business partner.

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Marek Matuszewski - Vice-President of Board