Our Values

In HR services there are five elements that guarantee high quality performance.

Consultants’ knowledge

  • regular training in order to deepen of our theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the latest world-wide solutions in HR. We achieve this through reasearch, meetings with academic authorities, participation in training and conferences.
  • HR swapping experience of consultants during numerous meetings with HR practitioners

 Company’s experience

  • Comprehensive market experience built up through working primarily with medium and large organizations as well as large public institutions
  • Regular introduction of new takes on proven services to offer our clients cutting edge solutions.

 Respect to people

  • respecting opinions of our clients, their employees and potential employees; high level of empathy and understanding of project participants potential frame of mind
  • the skill of offering optimal solutions that respect individuals

 Work ethics

  • acting in accordance with the law especially avoiding discrimination.
  •  in accordance with business ethics taking into account our clients’ protection as well as their employees’ and potential employees’ protection
  • keeping confidential all data on participants of the projects i.e. private data on our clients’ company and the data of candidates

 Punctuality of our projects

  • optimizing internal processes which aid the delivery of a more effective service to our clients.
  • Our consultants are always available at the end of the phone for the situations when e-mail just isn't fast enough.

These values guide our work and give our clients the reassurance they need when making the changes their business' require. They ensure that while working with Grupa Tempo business' have access to proven solutions within HR that are adjusted to the Polish reality and at the same time are in accordance with world-wide standards of customer’s service and understanding of needs.


Recruitment for Górnik Zabrze


We had the opportunity to cooperate with Grupa Tempo  realizing various recruitment processes for positions of medium and higher level, specialist positions and managerial ones (among others: Marketing Director, Financial Department Manager, Board Manager, HR Manager, Staff and Pay specialist, Independent Accountant, Sales Specialist).
Recruitment process was highly professional (...) Górnik Zabrze SSA highly recommends Grupa Tempo as reliable, punctual and professional business partner.

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Marek Matuszewski - Vice-President of Board