Conditions of our guarantee policy mentioned below are related to the process of recruitment.

Competence commitment

While using the services of Grupa Tempo executive search agency  you are guaranteed access to the latest tools of competence assessment and our highly professional team of head hunters who provide an in-depth analysis of the requirements of a position and client’s company. We ensure that we will gain the best possible candidates for a vacancy thanks to our market knowledge, industry contacts, direct search facilities and our constantly updated database of candidates.

We reach real people who want real jobs.

Objectivity commitment

We have made our reputation on our objective analysis of candidates’ skills.

Following each a successful candidate placement, we offer a follow-up service to ensure candidate suitability and Client satisfaction.

Durability commitment

High effectiveness of our consultants’ work is confirmed every six months by means of realized guarantees ratio. In 2008 the 93% of all projects was successfully completed (during 12 months no employee selected by our consultants was laid off)

However, selected candidates may decide not to work for the company for a very long time. In such cases TemPo Group gives guarantee to the Client for every candidate that was employed as the outcome of our cooperation. The guarantee means that our company will recruit another person for the vacancy and will not charge for the service. Moreover, it is not important why the first selected candidate decided to leave our Client’s company.


Recruitment for Chapman Freeborn Airchartering


Grupa Tempo  carried out for us complex recruitment of our employees.
Owing to the specific character of our branch – aeroplane renting, we were looking for candidates without any experience in that branch, but with predispositions of good selling skills and those who are interested in aviation.
Out of carefully shortlisted candidates we selected employees who still work in our company. They are very commited to their job and show great enthusiasm.


RafaƂ Gontar - Member of the Board