Business Ethics

In our everyday work we act in accordance with an internal code of ethical rules.
Its principles are the outcome of our mission, values and believes according to which we act.


We guarantee our customers confidentiality.


We do not get involved in tasks which are beyond our areas of specialization.


Candidates are always asked for permission to process their personal data and before taking psychometric tests. They have an insight to the outcome of the tests.


We are in touch with customers and participants of the project informing them abort every stage of our performance. We always give feedback to all interested parties.


We assure our recruitment processes participants, assessment and development sessions as well as outplacements participants that we do not discriminate anybody and we do not intend to discriminate due to any reasons.

The standard of our work is signing contracts that guarantee our customers confidentiality and our ethical behaviour on the condition that they do not discriminate third parties.

Conflict of interests

During the process of recruitment we guarantee that we will treat all candidates equally in relation to our clients and we assure that we present the best candidates to one potential employer at a time.

Off limits

We guarantee honesty to our clients and ethical behaviour within the scope of recruitment, we especially assure that gaining workers for our clients through “head hunting” is far beyond our standards.


Recruitment for Syntos


Grupa Tempo carried out recruitment for our Company for the posts of  Key Account Manager, Key Account Executive and Manager of Occupational Safety and Health department.
Recruitment was carried out in a complex and professional way. Grupa Tempo consultants showed great experience and commitment to the project as well as detailed knowledge about market realities.


Zbigniew Lange - Vice-President, Chief Financial Executive