Case studies



traffic maintenance company; automotive branch; employing 150 workers; headquarters in Gliwice


the company observes a breakdown of  interpersonal communication quality, growing distrust and deterioration of team work. The Board attempted to find the reason for this, but failed to do so.


Through job satisfaction evaluation the administrative staff (30 workers) were surveyed, sources of employees’ negative approach and of deterioration of team work were diagnosed. The research was the first stage of preparing the company to introduce organizational change i.e. reshaping organizational structure and developing new strategy.


anonymous questionnaire based on Herzberg's theory of motivation and Maslow's hierarchy of needs with elements Meyer and Allen theories. The surveyed areas were: approach to power decentralization in the company, the necessity of activities coordination in the organization, adjusting organizational structure, the awareness of the process of change being carried out, applying process of organization improvement, conflict situations and the level of communication. The questionnaire included both closed and open questions that let participants state their opinions freely.


Report comprising research results of each surveyed area as well as 7 recommendations on:

  • Working conditions improvement
  • Implementation of posts description
  • Improvement of team communication
  • Methods of conflict resolution


The survey convinced the Board that there was a need for management function improvement: implementing systematic approach to company management, enhancing procedures, changes in scopes of responsibilities on particular positions, the necessity of staff integration and improving communication channels. The Board decided to carry out outdoor integration sessions; the first session solely aimed at teaching employees how to communicate efficiently and the second focused on quality of team work.


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