Grupa Tempo team comprises people who have varied professional experience connected with the following aspects of human resources management:

  • labour law,
  • staff pay settlements,
  • HR strategic management,
  • methodology of HR supporting tools,
  • systems of IT support of HR processes management,
  • modern theories on human resources management,
  • theoretical and practical aspects of recruitment, selection and assessment processes,
  • methodology of conducting training, coaching and consulting processes.
    Our aim is to assist journalists and editors in obtaining background information on HR, setting up interviews with Grupa Tempo experts, securing press material or checking HR facts. We can provide objective opinions or comments concerning soft HR on purpose.

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Recruitment for Chapman Freeborn Airchartering


Grupa Tempo  carried out for us complex recruitment of our employees.
Owing to the specific character of our branch – aeroplane renting, we were looking for candidates without any experience in that branch, but with predispositions of good selling skills and those who are interested in aviation.
Out of carefully shortlisted candidates we selected employees who still work in our company. They are very commited to their job and show great enthusiasm.


RafaƂ Gontar - Member of the Board