Our Team


Our company is unique because of its essential supply -  PEOPLE.
We are integrated through common goals and shared values.
Every one is special but as a Group we can more.


The company's strength is our consultants’ experience gained during realizations of various recruitment projects, both for international corporations and small and medium enterprises.


Personality adjustment, brilliant coaching skills, documented experience, the ability to tailor training programmes and methods to individual needs and participants’ level.

Comprehensiveness of working experience of our trainers gathered while working for different organizations enables our clients to find the appropriate trainer that will meet specific educational requirements of any company.


The highest ethical standards, transparency of the process, discretion, trust, partnership – this is a base for developing open and sincere relationship with a coach.

The most important skill that coaches working for TemPo Group train is developing client’s potential and skills as well as assistance in reaching Client’s goals.


The effectiveness of our consultancy is guaranteed due to many years of experience, different approaches to practice and constantly improved theoretical knowledge.

We cooperate with a team of experts that represent differentiated approaches to theme issues taken into account while consulting business problems in Your organization.

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Recruitment for Górnik Zabrze


We had the opportunity to cooperate with Grupa Tempo  realizing various recruitment processes for positions of medium and higher level, specialist positions and managerial ones (among others: Marketing Director, Financial Department Manager, Board Manager, HR Manager, Staff and Pay specialist, Independent Accountant, Sales Specialist).
Recruitment process was highly professional (...) Górnik Zabrze SSA highly recommends Grupa Tempo as reliable, punctual and professional business partner.

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Marek Matuszewski - Vice-President of Board