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HRM in practice

HRM is an essential and vital function for organizational success. Areas within HRM like Manpower planning, Job analysis, Selection and Recruitment, Compensation and Benefits, Performance evaluations, Contract negotiations and Labor legislations are parts of hard HRM - whereas functions like Organizational development, conflict management, human resource education, leadership development, organizational culture, and relationship building are components of soft HRM.

The hard HRM can be catogorized as the basic functions and soft HRM as advanced functions. In today's knowledge economy, where human capital determines the growth and success of an organization, both hard and soft HRM are of significant value.

hard HRM:

  • a very instrumental, practical approach
  • people seen as a passive resources to be used,deployed and if necessary diposed of
  • hr planning is seen as a factor of production
  • incompatiable with trade uions-may necessitate confrontation to implement concepts


soft HRM:

  • sometimes known as development humanism
  • stresses human side
  • entails trust,collabration, skill development
  • place for unions in this model where unions are marginalised and by passed on many issues or alternative forms of employee repersentation are initiated
  • above all, about commitment and partnership


What is the percentage of HR components and their functions that you usually deal with daily?

Is there any chance to carry out processes of soft HR while the economic growth of an organization dramatically slows down?

What is your way to prevent cutting down soft HR programmes caused by  company's expenses reduction?

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Recruitment for Chapman Freeborn Airchartering


Grupa Tempo  carried out for us complex recruitment of our employees.
Owing to the specific character of our branch – aeroplane renting, we were looking for candidates without any experience in that branch, but with predispositions of good selling skills and those who are interested in aviation.
Out of carefully shortlisted candidates we selected employees who still work in our company. They are very commited to their job and show great enthusiasm.


RafaƂ Gontar - Member of the Board