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Definition of employee competencies


Competencies in organizations can be broadly classified as employee-level and organizational-level. Since organizational-level competencies are embedded in employee-level competencies, the identification of the latter is important for organizations interested in using competencies to achieve competitive advantage. In this paper, we present a model of employee competencies as a means to organizational competitiveness and discuss various frameworks for identifying employee competencies. In addition to the traditional frameworks, which are more suitable for organizations functioning in a static environment, we offer two alternative frameworks that can be useful in identifying competencies in a dynamic organizational environment. Once appropriate employee-level competencies are identified, a competency-based human resource system can be implemented to ensure that employees actually do possess the identified competencies.

The importance of competencies

The importance of competencies to organizations cannot be overstated; in fact, they can be the key to competitive advantage. In order for an organization to succeed in its mission, organizational competencies must match strategic intent. Without the needed competencies, even well-conceptualized and well-stated strategies cannot be successfully implemented and realized.
The concept of competency can be viewed differently within an organization. From a strategic management perspective, Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson (2005) define competencies as a combination of resources and capabilities.
Competencies have also developed into a central concept in the area of human resource management (HRM). From the HRM perspective, competencies are viewed as capabilities of people.

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Recruitment for Chapman Freeborn Airchartering


Grupa Tempo  carried out for us complex recruitment of our employees.
Owing to the specific character of our branch – aeroplane renting, we were looking for candidates without any experience in that branch, but with predispositions of good selling skills and those who are interested in aviation.
Out of carefully shortlisted candidates we selected employees who still work in our company. They are very commited to their job and show great enthusiasm.


RafaƂ Gontar - Member of the Board