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Pay Raises Are the Smallest In Decades as Surveys Show

Recession-starved employee salaries have scarcely grown this year, and early predictions for 2010 aren’t looking much better.

Two surveys released found employers have increased salaries this year by the smallest percentage in decades.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay a Recruiter?

Contingent, Retained and Contract. There are three types of outsourced recruiters, and their differences rest on the fee arrangement. Learn more about pros and cons of  hiring  each of them. Then choose  a service of one of them that  best meets  your requirements.

Control HR Costs by Using a PEO*

One of the main challenge that small and mid-sized businesses face is managing and caring for their employees. Factoring in payroll, taxes, and insurance costs, employee-related costs can be one of a company's largest expenses.

*PEO is a Professional Employment Organization

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Recruitment for Górnik Zabrze


We had the opportunity to cooperate with Grupa Tempo  realizing various recruitment processes for positions of medium and higher level, specialist positions and managerial ones (among others: Marketing Director, Financial Department Manager, Board Manager, HR Manager, Staff and Pay specialist, Independent Accountant, Sales Specialist).
Recruitment process was highly professional (...) Górnik Zabrze SSA highly recommends Grupa Tempo as reliable, punctual and professional business partner.

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Marek Matuszewski - Vice-President of Board